18 Self-Care Ideas To Help Ease Your Mind & Body

18 self care ideas by happy sloth co


Taking care of yourself is extremely important. But it’s not always easy knowing where to start, or what that even looks like. If you’re like a lot of people out there, you may find yourself drawing blanks and when trying to think of some good self-care ideas.

Well consider this your lucky day! We talked to a lot of different people and compiled this list of some of the easiest self-care ideas that anyone can integrate into their busy lives.

1. Escalate your bath experience

There’s nothing quite like unwinding at the end of the day with a hot bath or shower. But who wants just a normal bath experience? One simple and effective self care idea is to up your bath game! That could mean getting yourself some relaxing candles, bath salts, bath bombs, or whatever floats your boat.

2. Get in on the face mask craze

Revitalizing your skin is a great way to care for yourself on a physical level. There are hundreds of face masks on the market. Find a few that you know will make you happy and set some time aside to lay back and relax!

3. Try yoga (even if it’s at home)

Yoga is one of the most holistic activities you can do for yourself. By stretching, breathing, and relaxing various parts of your body, you’re able to release stress and pent up energy that you might otherwise carry around with you.

4. Treat yourself to something delicious

Sometimes you just crave a delicious treat! It may not be super healthy, and it may not be super cheap - but it’s something that makes you feel happy. It’s important to let yourself enjoy these things from time to time. Even if you’re a very health-conscious person, there’s no harm in allowing yourself to dabble in deliciousness.

5. Sweat it all out at the gym

We know, we know. Starting a gym membership, let alone sticking to a gym routine, can seem daunting. It’s not necessarily easy, but all the evidence is there that exercising vigorously on a regular basis is beneficial for the body. Whether you just go once or twice a week, or every day - sweating out your stresses at the gym is an excellent way to care for yourself.

6. Buy something you want (assuming it won’t break the bank)

There doesn’t always have to be a reason to buy something - other than the fact that you know it will make you happy. If you’ve had your eye on a little something special, why not buy it for yourself? Of course, only do this if you have the financial means.

7. Sleep in for no reason other than to recharge

Guess what? You have permission to sleep in sometimes. We know this isn’t a luxury that a lot of people have. But even if you do find yourself having time even just a few times a month to sleep in, it can make you feel better. Sticking to a sleep routine is important, but so is the occasional extra sleep.

8. Gift yourself a spa treatment

Creating your own elevated bath experience is great, but so is going to a professional spa. This is an excellent way to quite literally massage your worries away. Not keen on physical touch? That’s okay too. Try a float spa or a Himalayan salt room if you’re more of an atmosphere type of person.

9. Find a book you can escape into

There’s nothing like getting lost in a great story. Escaping through your imagination is a healthy and budget-friendly way to relax your mind. Don’t know where to find a good book? Try browsing through Goodreads to find topics or genres that interest you. Or, check out NPR books.

10. Journal your thoughts on paper

Journaling is therapeutic and it has been for centuries. By getting your thoughts and feelings down on paper, you’re able to externalize them which can take the pressure of your mind. There are hundreds of journals out there, so be sure to pick one that represents your aesthetic and let your mind loose!

11. Get a special house plant

It’s important for everyone to have a little of the outdoors indoors. There are all kinds of plants that can live and thrive inside. Some of them are even capable of cleaning up your air. Just check out this list of plants NASA recommends for keeping your home healthy.

12. Go on a walk

This isn’t a groundbreaking idea, but establishing a routine to walk outside is a super easy way to take care of yourself. Even just a 15 minute walk can be beneficial for your mind and body. And it doesn’t have to be on the beach (although our beach tee would be great for that). Simply walking around your neighborhood is a great way to feel refreshed.

13. Meditate

Meditation is perfect for centering yourself, quieting your mind, and just...being. In a world where the hustle and bustle tends to never stop, meditation is a tried and true method for getting in touch with yourself and your environment.

14. Watch an old favorite that makes you laugh

You know that movie or TV show from years ago that still makes you feel good? Yeah, us too. One of the best self care ideas that we personally love is rewatching old favorites. There’s just something special about that little touch of nostalgia. So whenever you feel down or just need a reset, find a little time to reconnect with your earlier years.

15. Create with your hands

Another self care idea that can help ground you is to create something with your hands. This could be through pottery, painting, gardening, or cooking. Whatever draws your attention the most, go create something!

16. Stay hydrated

We won’t elaborate on this, but it’s so easy for people to forget hydration. If you’re busy a lot of the time, you may find that you don’t drink any water. Create little reminders for yourself to hydrate every few hours. Not only is it good for your brain and body, but it can help combat fatigue as opposed to loading up on the caffeine.

17. Make a meal for one (or more)

Planning a meal, buying the ingredients, and cooking it from start to finish is very rewarding. Whether it’s pasta, soup, salad, or anything in between, simply putting in the time and focus to create a delicious meal for yourself is well worth the time. You may just discover that you’re a great chef!

18. Rearrange your living space

This doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul, but simply rearranging your bedroom, living room, or office/creative space can put you at ease. By decluttering and organizing these spaces in a way that makes you feel more relaxed, you’ll be enhancing your ability to unwind at the end of the day.

Start taking care of yourself today!

Hopefully some of these self-care ideas piqued your interest. Now it's time to make them part of your daily or weekly routine.

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