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The only company that has the mission to save sloths and promote positive mental health. It's okay to be lazy like a sloth sometimes, and we're here for those moments! Shop 100% cotton tees, created with sustainability in mind to save the homes of the animal that we love so much!

Sustainable Shipping

No unnecessary single-use plastic is involved in our shipping process. From our recycled bags to our banana waste paper, we believe in trying to do better as a company when it comes to shipping your product!


Our tees are sourced from the US and produced right down the street in Columbus, Ohio. We believe in having a small carbon foot print and working with our local economy to better the world around us.

Protecting Animals

None of our products have or will be tested on animals. We donate to saving and protecting sloths and other animals in the rainforest. Together we can create awareness and make a difference!

Cultivating Positive Mental Health

It's okay to be lazy. Often we push ourselves to do more, whether at school, work or social life. Everyone has off-days and we believe in acknowledging them and saying that you're important even when you don't feel that way.