International Sloth Day Pledge

Hello everyone,

Happy International Sloth Day 🦥🎉

This date always slowly creeps up on us (I know bad sloth pun), and this years #internationalslothday is SO important to us. 

I'm Anne, the co founder of Happy Sloth Co., I'm also the designer, illustrator, web editor... let's just say anything creative with the brand, I run! I also run our Tiktok account, where I do some slothy doodles that just help me relax. You see, I have anxiety and depression, and sometimes it's hard for me to work and be creative. I'm so lucky to have an outlet and platform where I can talk about that it's okay to have these off days, these days where I'm depressed and just need a break. That's what we're all about. 

These leads me into talking about sloths and how we can help our endangered friends. Over at World Animal Protection, one of the amazing organizations that we work with and donate to, they are working with Instagram on warning people the dangers of #slothselfies.

Imagine you're taking a nap on your couch, you quietly have on your favorite music and you're just about to doze off... then a stranger comes and picks you up off the couch, you're in the most awkward position, it isn't at all comfortable and they then snap a picture of you.

Okay, so that sounds pretty dramatic... but this is what happens with #slothselfies. 

Sloths are taken out of their homes, often held wrong to the point where it hurts and startles sloths that they have heart attacks. 

Many sloth lovers don't realize the affect that taking photos with sloths can cause these usually lazy animals.

World Animal Protection is asking us to pledge to not take #slothselfies and start awareness with our friends and family.

Will you sign it too? 

Click here to sign!

Take it easy,