How We Got Started

Hi again! 

This is Anne, the co founder of Happy Sloth Co.! Thanks for reading our newest blog post. I see this as a way to talk to everyone directly on what we do here and why we do it. We’re a small team of less than 10, including Devin and I. Did I ever think that we’d grow to this level? I’d like to say maybe? But honestly, I’m just looking even more forward to our future now! But I’m gunna take you back first.

When we created Happy Sloth Co., we were just two friends that wanted to do some good and put smiles on peoples faces with some cute sloth apparel! I mean, sounds cheesy, but it’s true!  We realized that there were other animal brands out there that advocate and donate to saving animals, but there wasn’t a sloth company yet! So we got to work, I drew and designed our logo that we still use today and Devin worked on sourcing the tees. We both are equally talented in our fields, so we work really well together. 

Devin then did research on what nonprofit we should work with. This was important to us because there are plenty of organizations that use the guise of nonprofits that actually harm animals. Many animals, like sloths, are taken from their natural habitat and used for selfie opportunities with tourists in Central America. Profiting from animals like this is illegal in Costa Rica, so that’s why these so-called “animal sanctuaries”, will pop up randomly. We found The Sloth Institute and fell in love because of their extensive research on rehabilitating these animals taken from their habitat. They do so much more, and I recommend following them on Instagram to see just everything they do for animals. 

We got the opportunity to go to Costa Rica last year and met TSI, they were so knowledgeable and taught us so much on how sloths work and what they’re like in the wild. If you would have asked me 5 years ago on what the sexual habits of sloths were? I would have no idea. But now I know TMI

Do you have any questions for us? Or want to know even more like more on our trip to Costa Rica? Let us know in the comments.

Don’t hurry, be happy!


Co Founcer, CCO